Answered: Pinning Question

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In this video ( around 6:03 is the red robot considered pinning the blue robot against the high goal and trough? Is the blue robot considered entangled in the red robots arm? Below is the definition for pinning and entanglement and the rule on pinning.

Pinning – A Robot is considered to be Pinning an opposing Robot if it is inhibiting the movement of an opponent Robot while the opposing Robot is in contact with the foam playing surface and another Field Element.

Entanglement – A robot is considered to have Entangled an opposing robot if it has grabbed or hooked the opponent robot.

SG3> A Robot cannot Pin or Trap an opposing Robot for more than five seconds during the Driver Controlled Period. A Pin or Trap is officially over once the Pinning team has moved away from the teams are separated by 2 feet (approximately one (1) foam tile). After ending a Pin or Trap, a team may not Pinor Trap the same Robot again for a duration of 5 seconds. If a referee determines this rule to be violated, the offending Robot will be Disqualified for the match. There is no penalty for Pinning during the Autonomous Period.

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From what can be seen in the video, it appears the robot which is being inhibited has the ability to escape by simply backing up, thus this would not be considered Pinning. As for the Entanglement, it does not appear to be intentional, thus would not be a violation of <G11>.

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