Answered: Pinning requirements

If a robot is trying to return to its climbing zone and opposing robot forces it against a the side of the field such that it cannot continue towards its zone, does it have to try other escape paths to consistitute pinning? It appeared to me that the pinned bot was being tilted such that it had lost traction and could not move either direction. In this situation it was hard to tell if they could have or tried to; which if necessary, would have been a judgement call. Does “inhibiting the movement” mean any direction or must it be inhibiting all possible movement which must be attempted? If so how can this be determined if the bot has lost traction or had drive motors temp fail due to pin?

Teams who are being pinned are expected to try and escape the pin. If the Robot stops trying to escape, it would no longer be having it’s movement inhibited. Of course, this is extremely difficuly for a referee to discern. Thus it’s in the best interest of any pinning to team to clear back away once a referee starts a pinning count.