Answered: pinning/trapping robots with mobile goal and cones

Imagine this scenario. The blue alliance both carry mobile goals with them, and score on to them. At some point during the match, both blue alliance robots stack around ten cones, at which point, a red alliance robot is in a corner. The two blue alliance robots then drop their mobile goals next to the cornered red robot. Now, here’s the predicament, in the process of the red robot attempting to escape the corner it is trapped in, it knocks a cone of one of the blue mobile goals. Does
A: Due to rule <SG5> the red robot is DQ’d/penalized/warned
B: Due to rule <G13> the blue alliance is DQ’d/penalized/warned
C: Due to rule <SG4> the blue alliance is DQ’d/penalized/warned before the cone is knocked over
D: Something else

We can’t offer blanket rulings on snapshots of hypothetical situations like the one you’ve proposed. However, based on the specifics of this scenario you have described, the red robot would be Disqualified or warned due to <SG5>.

<SG4> would not apply, since the definitions of Pinning and Trapping state that a Pin or a Trap involve an opposing Robot, not an opposing Goal.

<G13> would not apply, since the Red robot did not have to remove the Cone in order to move away from the corner. We urge teams to be cautious when interacting with opponents’ Goals, especially those with Stacked Cones on top of them.