Answered: Pinning

I recently took part in Asia Pacific Vex , and i would like to clarify something. Most of the matches i played , we were accused of pinning . Even though both robots were not touching any wall or goal , the referee counted down . And even if my robot was touching the goal and wall , the referee would also accuse my team of pinning . This happen when another robot tries to block us . How would this be seen ?

Without being at the event in question and not being able to see the actual incidents, it is impossible to issue any sort of blanket ruling on what you have described.

Let’s say , a blue robot wants to block a red robot so when the red robot was about to move around , the blue robot would block the red robot. Both robot was not touching any wall or object . How would the referee judge ?

Again, it’s impossible to give a blanket type ruling on a hypothetical situation without seeing the entire situation. That being said, from what you’ve described, this does not appear to be pinning. Robot to robot contact in the open field does not constitute pinning.

Okay , thanks Karthik

You’re welcome.