Answered: Placement of USB Adapter Key


Does rule R7 part G.ii. refer only to placement of the VEXnet key if it is remotely mounted, or does this offset requirement apply when the key is plugged directly into the Cortex? -
“ii. No metal may be within 2” of the top of the VEXnet key.”

We have sporadic problems with the Cortex and the remote losing communication during driver control, so in addition to meeting the placement requirement, we are wondering if the metal near the key is causing some interference.

Also, at the start of the Programming Skills Challenge, does the robot have to fit inside the 18"x18"x18" box?

Sorry about the late & simple questions. We are a small, first year team. Also, I have not been getting the team updates, so I might have missed it if these questions were already answered.


I’ll let VEX staff answer your tech support question, but I can handle this for you. Yes, it does.

Metal around the VEXnet Key can cause interference.