Answered: Placing Match Load on Robot

Hi, I saw a similar question regarding match loads already answered in the forum but I do not believe it specifically relates to my question. So here it goes: At the start of a match my robot has a main ramp and a fold out extension balanced just so to be inside the 18". I know that I’m not suppose to interact with the robot when gently placing objects, but the ramp is hanging so close to its tipping point that when I place something like two objects the ramp tips to its desired postion. It’s almost impossible to place two objects and not have the ramp fold back. Once the ramp folds out no matter how many more objects are added it will stay the same.

So, would this be considered a legal placing of match loads?

Yes, this would be considered legal. It would be impossible for robots not to react to the introduction of Scoring Objects. Minor movements like the one you have described are expected, however using a Scoring Object to intentional lift an arm, for example, would not be allowed.