Answered: Placing Robots...

At many competitions, I have seen teams place their robot, and then afterwards, rearrange it… (we’re talking them walking back to the drivers area, and then coming back to change the orientation…)

However, as I was reading the rules once again, to brush up on all the technicalities that I might be called on, I noticed G5… Specifically the last bit…

Now, is this while they are in the immediate vicinity? Do they have to place it, and then while their hands are on it, rearrange and line up for autonomous? Is there a time limit before they must leave the robot alone?

Also, this would strictly prohibit switching starting positions after you have placed your robot on the field, right?


This rule is in place to ensure that the alliance which has the right to set their robot down last, is guaranteed the advantages provided by that rule. We do not want the alliance who was supposed to set their robot down first to realign their robot based on the setup of the alliance who was supposed to set their robot down last.

So switching starting positions or rearranging robots after the second alliance has set down, will not be permitted. Other cases may be permitted by the head referee depending on the situation and the timing.