Answered: Placing Skyrise Sections Upside-down

Hello Karthik,
Is it legal during robot skills, programming skills, or during a match to place skyrise sections in the autoloader upside-down so that the widest part of a skyrise section is resting on top of the autoloader with the tip pointing up? The reason for this would be to have a robot grasp the skyrise section in a different orientation.
Thanks in advance!

This question will be answered after the scheduled June 2nd manual update. We appreciate your patience.

This issue was addressed in the June 2nd update of the VEX Skyrise Game Manual. I’ve quoted the updated rule, <SG5>, below:

Into means the Skyrise Section should break the plane formed by the inner circle of the Autoloader, i.e. The Skyrise Section you be inserted into the Autoloader. As such, placing a Skyrise Section resting on top of the Autoloader is illegal.

Alright, thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!

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