Answered: Plea to the GDC: SG14

Hi GDC Members,

The title of the thread says it all but I would like to make a plea and I hope it does not fall upon deaf ears. I ask that you revert the rules to a previous revision with sizing after the match starts.

I have talked with numerous people in the vex community (both in my region and others) and the general thought has been “Why can’t we just have a 36” square?".

It would make sizing significantly easier when in a match and in inspection to ensure the robot doesn’t expand outside the 36" diameter of what you changed it to in the most recent SG14 thread. You have to remember the rules are not just for the teams to understand, but for volunteers who have had no vex experience also. I guarantee that if this rule is not changed, multiple events in my region alone will be inspected and referee’d wrong.

Again, this is my plea to you, the VEX GDC, and I hope you at least take it into consideration.

The purpose of this Q&A forum is to answer specific rules questions to help referees and teams better understand, enforce, and play a given game. While we appreciate feedback, disagreement with a rule is not necessarily within the intent of this Q&A.

This is largely why the rule was revised. After reaching out to Event Partners and volunteers, we received overwhelming feedback that a single “point-to-point” width would be the simplest and most efficient way to enforce a maximum size restriction. An invisible square changes maximum length depending on its orientation, and an invisible cylinder has no physical reference to track during a match. Please see this Q&A for some additional explanation.