Answered: Pneumatic Piston Mounting Nut Legal?

Hello Karthik,

I was wondering if the mounting nuts available for the Vex pistons are legal for competition use? (Image attached for clarification, I’m not referring to the Hex Nuts that are used on the piston rod)

I haven’t ordered Pneumatics from Vex for awhile and I don’t remember if they’re included, but I know that SMC does sell them with their pistons (Vex supplier, so totally legal pistons.)
I believe they are 5/16-24 UNF.

If they are for some reason not legal, I would simply ask that the GDC seriously reconsider as they serve the exact same purpose as the pneumatic reservoir mounting nuts, but on the piston. A team could, with a bit of difficulty, produce something legal that would serve the same purpose out of Lexan or Metal and a threading kit, but if they’re already available, why force people to go to that trouble?


This nut is included with the VEX double acting cylinders, thus it is an official VEX part, and is legal for use in VEX Skyrise.