Answered: Pneumatics not being disabled in auton

As far as i know, pneumatics are not disabled by the field control after autonomous. Would it be legal to have a 16 second long autonomous, and in the last second of auton the robot releases a skyrise piece from its pneumatically controlled skyrise claw and scores 4 points. Basically, my question is: Is it legal to take advantage of the field control system not disabling pneumatics to score points after the robot has been disabled. The only pertinent rules i could find are:

Thanks Karthik!

No, this is not legal.

Thanks! How will this rule be enforced during a competition if a robot’s pneumatics go off just milliseconds after the 15 seconds? Spectators (and the robot’s team) might not notice the robot breaking the rules. This may just seem like nitpicking but it can easily illegally score a team 4 more points.

Referees will be doing their best to watch for any Robot movements after the end of the Autonomous Period.

Ok thank you!

You’re welcome!

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