Answered: Pneumatics pressure valve no longer made - replacement? Help!

I was told to put this here by the regional REC rep… so here goes

I have 1 team that uses pneumatics this year on their robot. The problem is that the air regulator valve broke. It will not regulate the pressure at all and is wide open so to speak. The pneumatics is a critical piece of our skyrise pick up.

Now… I do not need to buy a whole new system… just the valve which was available at Unfortunately I get the email that this part is obsolete and will not be made anymore. This means that VEX will also not be able to get them.

What do we do? I need to get a replacement, but according to the rules it has to be exact… there will be no exact since it is not made.

What do we do?
Another possible solution:
SMC ARJ1020F-M5-04 regulator, mini pt m5x4mm tube, ARJ MINATURE REGULATOR by
Then an adapter on the threaded end (picture not accurate) (Female M5 to 4mm tube): SMC - KQ2LF04-M5A - Female Elbow, 4mm, Thread x Tube also by [

Sorry… I tried to post a link to the parts but it only went to their search engine.

Bill R.
6101A, 6101B, 7536A, 7536B](

The A-474-0000005 assembly is in the process of being updated. This will involve replacement of an obsolete part. This change has not yet affected VEX Robotics stock, but will in the future. Of course, the new version of this assembly, and the new sub-components are all considered official VEX EDR components, and are legal for competition use.

KQ2S04-M5 or “-M5A”
KQ2H03-34S or “34AS”
KQ2T04-00 or “-00A”
KJS04-M3 or KQ2S04-M3G

The website is being updated to reflect these alternate P/Ns.

Teams may also find Innovative IDM ( to be a good source for VEX pneumatic individual components.