Answered: Polycarbonate rule

According to the polycarbonate limitations, are we only allowed to use a 12" by 24" polycarbonate sheet, up to 0.0625" thick? Can we use more than one of these sheets?? That means… No pieces of polycarbonate used on the robot would exceed that size, but the total area is more than that.

Let’s look at the specific rule, <R7f>, in the VEX Gateway Game Manual that addresses the usage of polycarbonate.

No piece can ever exceed 12"x24" and you definitely cannot use more than 12"x24". That being said these are not the only restrictions, please carefully read the paragraph below.

Yes, you may use multiple sheets of polycarbonate, however, the pieces used on the robot must be able to be assembled into an area less than 12"x24". The simplest way to ensure that you don’t violate this rule is to use a single sheet of 12"x24" polycarbonate. That being said, if you’re cutting your original sheet, and make a mistake rending a part of the sheet useless, you may use additional sheets. What matters is that the final pieces of the robot can be assembled into a sheet that is less than 12"x24".

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Thanks very much karthik!

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