Answered: Polycarbonate Size at Inspection

We are planning on using polycarbonate on one of our competition robots. However, it has been very difficult to find 0.0625" polycarbonate locally. I have found some suppliers online which is quite pricey but our team really wants to use it.

My question is that because it will take a significant sum of money and time to purchase the proper sized polycarbonate in order to ensure we fall within the guidelines of the VEX Gateway competition, I would like to know what would be the proper way of addressing this issue with event coordinators in order to ensure equality for all teams?

In my observations of other teams at past events utilizing what appears to be polycarbonate, these teams have passed inspection continually with what clearly appears to be 0.125" or larger polycarbonate and acryllic. This is especially important to our team being that we will have to order this online which will cost significantly more than if it were available at the local Home Depot.

Please let me know when you get a chance. I’ll be looking forward to your comments.

Event inspectors are instructed to check and ensure that all robots are in compliance with the VEX Gateway Rules. This includes making sure all polycarbonate is 0.0625" thick or less, and ensuring that actual polycarbonate is used instead of an illegal substitute such as acrylic. If you feel that the inspectors at your event are not being as careful as they should be, you should address your concern directly with either the Head Inspector or the Event Partner.

I always want to be sure to promote a positive and collaborative experience for all involved at the VEX events.
Thank you for providing me with a way to ensure fairness while maintaining the positive atmosphere.

You’re welcome!