Answered: Possession Rule Questions

So I just need a couple of rules clarified for my team. One of those rules being <SG9> Robots may not Possess more than one (1) Cone at a time. Possession being is carrying, holding, or controlling the movement of a Cone in the Robot. So my question is what if you develop a system of internal stacking in an area inside of your robot. Does that count as possessing more than one at a time? If so, then are you allowed to put a mobile goal inside a concave part of your robot?

Rule I’m referring to ~
Note: Stacked Cones do not count towards the Possession limit. (i.e. A Robot is allowed to control the movement of a Mobile Goal with Stacked Cones). Robots can interact with Cones that are fully nested on upright Goals without those Cones counting towards the possession limit, provided that those Cones would otherwise be considered Stacked if they were not being contacted by a Robot.

It is always difficult to provide a blanket ruling on a hypothetical robot without further detail. A “system of internal stacking” could mean a variety of different robot mechanisms, which may or may not be legal, depending on their implementation.

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