Answered: Potentiometer issues

I am having problems with the readings from my potentiometers. When I run the potentiometer test and turn the “pot” from one end to the other it only returns values of 2 to 31. The potentiometer is fully functional and moves through the entire 260 degrees. I have tried several of them including one right out of the package. I have tried different ports, different microcontrollers, and still we get these weird readings.

To further frustrate matters, when we resign ourselves to using these values and begin programming with them they clearly do not match the actual values that are being generated.

I am new to VEX. Please help.


Are you running the Potentiometer Test provided by easyC V4?
If so, please make sure you are connected to Analog input 1.

Also are you using an extension cable?
If so, please connect sensor directly to the Cortex.

Let me know if any of this helps.