Answered: Power Expander issue

We had a power expander through which there were 4 arm motors(269) went. After the Cortex was turned on, the power expander light was dim green and blinking. Tried to operate the arm with remote controller and did not work. If I manually moved the arms’ motor, the light turned solid green and controller started work. Having changed new battery, It behaved same.

If I pulled out all 4 wires and directly connected together, Everything was fine.

What was wrong with the expander?

BTW, I didn’t use status port.



Are you able to duplicate the issue every time?
Are you running default code or custom code?


Yes. It happened everytime when the power was turned on.

BTW, if the expander was connected with battery without any other wires in and out, the status light was not on also.

Please explain your wiring on the In and Out Ports of the Power Expander?

port 4,5,6,7 from Cortex to expander A,B,C,D
THEN from expander A,B,C,D to 4 motors of 269 motors

The expander status light was not lit when the battery was connected.

Where are the Black wires on the In and Outs Ports connected?

All black wires were at outside edges of in and out

Can you try a different Power Expander?