Answered: Power Expander Status Error

I am using a power expander to prvide secondary battery power to the robot but encounter a status light display issue. When the status port on the expander is not connected to analog port of Cortex, everthing seems fine, the status light reports correctly (steady green). But once it connects to Cortex via analog port, it starts slow red blinking immediately.

I have followed the VEX Wiki instruction closely, pretty sure no wiring error. My easyC V4 program can read the number, and can calulate the voltage in the correct range after divided by 45.6.

Other than it is blinking red, everything else seems running normal. Just feel confused by the status reporting on the power expander.:confused:

Another coach in our team had same problem on another robot with power expander status LED slow blinking red once connected to controller. The odds of both power expanders being defective are small, I think.

I have searched the forum here and found copperman32 reported exact the same issue but seemed no definitive conclusion yet:

I would like to have experts here to advise on what could be wrong?


Please contact VEX Technical Support directly, here is their contact information:
(903)453-0802 ext-877

Sorry about the inconvenience.