Answered: Power expander

Can you use a power expander on a 2-wire motor using a motor controller? In the 2 wire motor description, it says add extensions on the 2- wire side of the contoller, not the 3-wire side as neccessary for the power expander. Can you plug a 2-wire end into the power expander?

You can not plug a 2-wire motor directly into the Power Expander. To use a Motor Controller with a Power Expander, you must follow these steps: You must connect a 3-wire extension cable from a 3-wire MOTOR output of the Microcontroller to a 3-wire IN of the Power Expander. You must connect the 3-wire side of the Motor Controller to the 3-wire OUT of the Power Expander. You now connect your 2-wire Motor to the 2-wire side of the Motor Controller.