Answered: Power Supply for AAA Charger

Is it safe to use the AC power brick from the old two-slot charger (the blue one that shipped starting back in 2004) to power the new AAA charger? If that is a bad idea, is there a good replacement available? Is it possible to buy a new power brick from VEX?

I am asking on behalf of a school that has lots of old chargers, but has misplaced the power supply for some of their AAA chargers.

Thank you!


The AC adapter for the AAA Battery Charger is rated at 12V, while the adapter for the Fast Charger is rated at 16V.

Even if you are able to power-up the charger with with the 16V adapter, I would not recommend you to use it along with the AAA charger.
It will reduce the life of the charger and may become a fire hazard.