Answered: Pre-load using the walls?

Hi all -

I’m getting ready to start programming autonomous with my students and have a clarification question about pre-loading.

Could my students pre-load their cube by pinning it off the floor between the field wall and their robot? Does that count as a valid pre-load?

As I interpret the preloading rules, pinning a cube against the wall would successfully meet all the requirements of 1) touching the robot 2) not touch any grey foam tiles or Skyrise Base 3) would be fully inside the perimeter.

The idea is that the robots would ‘preload’ the cube against the wall, drive forward to drop the cube and therefore score 1 point on their colored square in autonomous. From there they can program to score a second cube if possible.

Thanks for any clarification.

Yes, this is legal.

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

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