Answered: preload question

About the pre-load rule. I know you answered it but it still has a “grey” area. At a practice scrimmage we were at the event partner said the pre-load cube had to be touching the robot and the colored tile but not the grey tile. the rule states it must be in the field perimeter. We are trying to find out if the pre-load can be just on the robot or does it have to touch one of the colored tiles as well.

Just want to make sure if the cube can be ONLY on the Robot or does it HAVE to touch a colored tile as long as it isn’t touching a grey tile?

Here’s a previously answered question on the same topic.

I’m copying and pasting part that response here for clarity.

Let’s take a look at the definition of Preload, which actually addresses your specific question.

Thus, at the start of the match all of the following criteria must be met:

  • The Preload Cube must be touching the Robot
  • The Preload Cube must not be touching any grey tiles or the Skyrise Base
  • The Preload Cube must be fully within the field perimeter

As you can see, there is no rule stating that the Preload must touch the coloured Alliance Starting Tile. Thus Preload is allowed to be in a position where it is only touching the Robot.