Answered: Pressure Gauge as Nonfunctional Decoration - <R7>d. Clarification

Would an air pressure gauge such as this one be legal for use in Sack Attack (new game, new Q&A, right?)? This is of course assuming it meets all the conditions of being a nonfunctional decoration (does not touch game objects, does not significantly affect the pneumatic system, is not used as a structural component, etc.). As with any other nonfunctional decoration, its effects are purely visual and thus will provide no advantage to a robot during a match of VEX Sack Attack (not affect the outcome of the match).

Or would it not be allowed because it is not a “decoration”? If it is not allowed because it is not a “decoration”, if we put pretty stickers on it could we use it?

How would any ruling here interact with rulings made by the Head Inspector at an event; could an Inspector go against this ruling because the rules say that Inspectors have the final say?

Sorry for multiple questions in one thread, but I’m sure it’s better than making a new thread for each one of these questions.
Thanks in advance!

The device you linked to is functional and would not qualify under <R7d>

This question is answered in rule <G15> of the VEX Sack Attack Game Manual. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

Thus, all event officials are expected to treat the Q&A in the same way they treat the manual, and enforce it accordingly.

Our preference, as indicated in the Q&A Usage Guidelines is for there to be a separate thread for each question on an unrelated topic. In this case your two questions addressed two separate rules, so two separate threads would be a better fit.