Answered: Preventing Match Loads Clarification

In reference to the Q/A from jgraber that was recently answered:

If a robot is “pancaking” the opponent’s tile and the relaxation of SG7 is in effect, then it would be most probable that the arm of the coach that is loading objects/doublers/negators would reach far into the field. Is it legal then for the “pancaking” robot to block the arm of the coach as they are reaching into the field? Would this result in a DQ of the blocking robot for preventing match loading, a DQ of the coach for touching a robot, or would it be ignored as “incidental contact” as is part of the game?

Robots should never attempt to interact with an unwilling coach. Doing so intentionally would result in an immediate disqualification under <S1> of the VEX Gateway Game Manual, quoted below.

Thanks for the quick reply Karthik! Can’t believe that I practically missed the first rule in the whole manual.

You’re welcome!