Answered: Previously Asked Question: Broken Motor Pin Repairs

hi - i asked the question about a broken motor pin a thew months ago and i was told that the repair was classed as illegal … but i was reading the game manual yesterday and i read this …

“External wires on VEX electrical components may be repaired by soldering, using twist/crimp connectors, electrical tape or shrink tubing such that the original functionality / length is not modified in any way. Wire used in repairs must be identical to VEX wire. Teams may make these repairs at their own risk; incorrect wiring may have undesired results”

Now, because the pin is broken, is there no reason why i cant solder a new 2 pin cable on - as long as it didn’t extend the length of the wire

  • or if this is illegal, can somebody please tell me off a legal repair, because we now have 2 broken motors, and i dont wanna spend over £20.00 on new motors if i didn’t need to (funding is so tight at the mo)

Take a look at the following Q&A which describes a legal way to repair the motor, similarly to what you’ve described here.

Ok … thank you … will look at this post !

You’re welcome.