Answered: problem with the controller

My class have the controller plugged in to the computer and download the default program code in to it, but it wont follow any command.

We tried the online tool but the the commands that we add won’t work on the it at all!

At the window it tells us that the connection is fine but none of the motors worked.

The controller might been pre-programmed because in every slot the motors works and in the book it said all of the slot would work only with a program or been paired with the joystick. And like I’ve said we can’t even get the program in to the controller.

What is going on?:confused:


The easyC online window will only work after you download an easyC program, like the easyC deafult code.

Also are you using 2-wire motors or 3-wire motors?
If 2-wire motors, make sure to use the Motor Controller 29 between the motor and the Microcontroller.

Look at page 24-26 of the Quick Star Guide:

Quick Start Guide.jpg