Answered: Problems with VEX Motors on Cortex

I am having problems running VEX Motors on the new VEX Cortex microcontroller. These motors worked fine on the legacy v 0.5 microcontroller. I am using Easy C v 4 for the Cortex and have the latest firmware installed on it and made sure the battery was fully charged. It seems to read the bumper switches OK, what am I doing wrong?

**Which Motors are you using and exactly what are the Motors doing or not doing. What Motor Ports are you using, and do any Motors work on any of the Motor Ports. Also, try downloading Default Code; do the Motors work with Default Code. **

Ok, I was able to get the legacy three wire motors working by downloading the Default Code and adding my logic to the Autonomous section since I do not have a Game Control yet. Thanks for your quick response. The Cortex Microcontroller Rocks!!!

Great, Glad you got it working.