Answered: Program light out and flashing light above after download.


I hope that you can answer a question for me. I looked through the FAQ forum for the VEX Microcontroller and the Technical Support forum, but I didn’t see anything about this. If it was already discussed, I apologize.

I tried to download a program to my VEX Microcontroller last night and everything went OK, but after the download was finished the “Program” light went from blinking green to nothing. Usually, it is a yellowish orange color while a program is running. The area above the small LEDs on that end of the microcontroller was flashing a yellowish orange color though.

My program appeared to running because values in my program were being printed on the screen, but it wasn’t running quite right and the motors on one side kind of moved in pulses when they weren’t supposed to be running.

I was just wondering why the “Program” light wasn’t on and what the flashing light on that end of the microcontroller was trying to tell me. That same flashing light also appeared on my other VEX Microcontroller after the first couple of downloads. Is there a problem?

I was going to try a couple of things tonight, but any help that you could give me would be appreciated.


The PRGM STATUS LED should not be on after programming has completed successfully, this is normal. The area above the small LEDs on that end of the Controller, the EYE window, should be flashing a yellowish orange color at a rate around 3 – 5 seconds, this is also normal. You most likely have a problem with your code. Download the “Out of Box” default code and verify the Controller is working correctly.