Answered: programing problems

after i download the master code version 10 in easyC pro and then download my user code 4 tank but then it will not drive my remote is connected but it wont drive even if i replace the batterys in the remote and the car

Try putting Default Code into the unit. Does it now work per the default mapping?

it still wont work

With the Default Code in the unit exactly what is happening or not happening? Do any of the Motor Ports work? What are the all of the LEDs indicating? Give as much detail as possible…

Yes motor ports work I have the motors in 1234 and they will drive with the default code but it didn’t drive right it wants me to hit the triggers up and the other up and both to the sides and then it drives strait but I can’t drive like that

Please refer to the Configuration Control on the WiKi to see which Motor Ports are mapped to which Transmitter channels that best matches your configuration. You may need to be using ports 1, 2, 7, and 8.

hey it works now but i have to have a jumper in it now. thats not what wanted. i wanted to be able to not have a jumper in it.

**Now that you have verified everything is working properly, your only issue is code. With the proper programming, you should be able to control the Motor Ports per the Transmitter Channels you want and not have to use a Jumper.

Unfortunately we can not help with Code questions. If you have questions about programming, you should post them in the Forum Section where the VEX Community can answer you.**