Answered: Programming skills and 2v2

I have some inquires . Would this moves be DQ? or penalty ? Thx in advance.

Would this goals be counted ? Would the Bonus point be given ?

Both are balancing .

Inquires about programming skills , would this be legal ? IF i pull my robot towards me , which accidentally raise or drop the arm that does not affects the performance , would this be legal ?

Last question , during programming skills , since we are allowed to have 2 player and 1 coach around the field , are all of us able to move around the field since we its fully autonomous .

Let’s take a look at the definition of Scored from the VEX Gateway Game Manual. Specifically, we’re going to look at Clause 2, which deals with Scoring Objects being partially above the PVC pipes, like they are in the pictures you posted.

The Barrels depicted in your picture are both not fully below the top of the PVC pipes and partially within the outer ring of the Circular Goal. Thus they would be considered Scored, and eligible for the Bonus Point.

If your Robot’s arm **accidentally **moves during the process of legally reorienting during an Autonomous Period, there would be no penalty. We expect teams to be very careful during the reorientation of their robots to prevent accidental movements like this from happening.

Yes, this is legal.

Thank you very much karthik !

You’re welcome!