Answered: Programming Skills Challenge Rule PSC3

Hi, I’d like to get a clarification on rule PSC3. In essence, “this rule is to allow teams to fix Robots that are unable to move, to reposition and/or reorient Robots, and to activate additional autonomous modes by interacting with the Robot via sensors or buttons.”

However, the rule also states that “this rule is not to allow teams to manipulate their Robot in such a way that they are controlling the Robot via human contact or creating motions that lead to scoring.”

Does this mean that students are allowed to reposition their robot, to, for example, face towards a set of cubes? How would this relate to the skyrise base?

Also, just to make sure I’m clear, “An interaction begins when the Robot is first legally handled by a Student Drive Team Member and ends once the Robot leaves the Alliance Starting Tile following the initial handling” means that for example, repositioning a robot and then triggering a sensor would be considered one interaction as long as the robot has not left the tile before the sensor is triggered. Is that correct?

I also understand that this rule only applies to the Programming Skills Challenge.

Yes, this is an example of a legal action during the Programming Skills Challenge. You can reorient the Robot in any direction you wish.

Yes, this is correct. These actions would count together for one of you legal repositionings.