Answered: Programming Skills Challenge

I have just read a thread which managed to clarify my doubts thanks to Karthik, but now i have one more question regarding the Programming Skills Challenge.
As long as a robot starts on a interaction zone starting tile, the robot can travel to any other alliance tile for manual repositioning. from what i understand, colour doesn’t matter in the programming skills challenge.

since the drivers are not controlling the robot since its a PSC, are the drivers allowed to move from the red alliance station to the blue alliance station to reposition the robot at the blue isolation zone starting tile if the robot starts at the red interaction zone starting tile?

Yes, this would be legal. For full details, take a look at the following previously answered Q&A entry.

thanks Karthik! also, does this also apply for Robot Skills Challenge? meaning… is the coach allowed to travel around the alliance stations to check whether a doubler is taken??

Yes, the coach may travel to the other alliance station.