Answered: Programming Skills Clarification - Handling of the Robot

To confirm our understanding:

i. Student Drive Team Members may only interact with a Robot if it is touching their own Alliance Starting Tile and no part of the Robot is touching a gray foam tile, except the interaction allowed in

ii. If any part of a Robot is touching a grey foam tile, the only interaction that will be allowed is to bring the Robot fully into the legal Alliance Starting Tile, into a legal position as per

  1. So if a robot is partially on the grey foam tile and partially on the alliance starting tile, we can only move the robot into a legal starting position. In this case is it legal to press a button to continue the run after repositioning?

  2. No interaction is allowed unless there is at least some contact between the alliance starting tile and the robot, correct?

Yes, this would be a continuation of your interaction, thus legal.

Yes, this is correct.