Answered: Programming Skills - Driver Interaction Clarification

The Programming Skills description reads:

We would like to know what is defined as legal “limited human interaction?”

My team assumed that this semi-ambiguous wording was chosen to allow for drive team members to preload balls into their robot, thus interacting in a limited manner. However, at a previous competition we saw a team manually triggering a sensor to control their robot during the programming skills challenge.

We would like a clarification for future events. Is it legal or is it illegal to trigger code manually, using a button on one’s robot? Does this change if one does not contact one’s robot, but instead utilizes a vex ultrasonic range finder as a trigger in lieu of a button? My team figured that these scenarios would not meet the caveats of a “programming” challenge, so it would certainly change our strategy were it legal.

Thanks for reading.

Navigator Robotics

Your assumption is correct.

This is illegal.

This is illegal.

This is also illegal. All of this is clarified in <G8>, which carries over to the Programming Skills Challenge.