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This year at the game reveal I remember that the announcers mentioned autonomous this year would push towards more complex programming. That said, in trying to interpret PSC3 (specifically PSC3v) I realized that this means as long as the robot doesn’t leave the starting tile (so if the robot doesn’t come into contact with a grey tile) then the interaction hasn’t ended. This seems to mean that you can interact with your robot at many times as you like until it leaves the starting tile. The rule, PSC3v, is quoted below:

This is an issue, since it means that teams could, in theory, build a skyrise with minimal programming. Using the robot, teams could lift the skyrise section out of the autoloader, then pick up the robot (by hand) and realign it over the skyrise base, then press a button to drop the skyrise into place, all without ever leaving the starting tile. According to the rule, since they have in fact not ever left the starting tile, they can repeat this as many times as they require.

I hope this is not the case, and that I am just interpreting the rule incorrectly.

Thank you!

This is definitely not the intent of this rule. Interacting with the Robot multiple times while it is still in the Alliance Starting Tile is not permitted.

For the purposes of this rule, an interaction begins when the Robot is first legally handled by a Student Drive Team Member and ends once the Student Drive Team member doing the handling completely lets go of the Robot and the Robot moves on its own. Thus, interacting with the Robot more than twice, while it is still on it’s Alliance Starting Tile is illegal.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thank you for the clarification! I appreciate it!

You’re welcome!

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