Answered: Programming skills question - picking up robot

Can a team member pick up the robot from the field and set it on top of the white game piece (or any other game piece for that matter) in order to pick up the object from the field. Or does in only matter if the robot “touches” the scoring object as it is being put back onto the field over the top of the object).

This is what I have read from you in the past…

“The intent of this rule is not to allow teams to manipulate their Robot in such a way that they are controlling the Robot via human contact or creating motions that lead to scoring.”

“What you’ve described seems like you would be controlling the Robot via human contact, which is precisely what we do not want to see happen. It is legal to reposition the Robot to allow it to pick up a Scoring Object. However, if you are pushing the Robot into the Scoring Object, thereby aiding in the picking up of said object, this would be illegal.”

It would seem to me that picking up the robot from the floor and setting it on top of a scoring piece would “create motions that lead to scoring.” Or, would this be considered a “repositioning”?

We may need some clarification on this from you.

Thanks for all that you do.

This would be considered to be reposition and is legal, provided the Doubler Barrel is not contacted.