Answered: programming skills question

I was wondering if it would be legal to lift our robot off of our starting square into a scoring position (assuming no parts of the robot were expanded) and then press a button to open our intake, therefore scoring objects? the robot would be approximately 30 inches over the starting tile.

we have a tournament saturday so would it be possible to get a ruling on this before then?:confused:

No, this would not be legal. You would clearly be aiding in the Scoring process of the robot, which violates what is written in <SG5>

thanks for the reply. Just wondering if there would be a different ruling if instead of lifting the robot into position, it was pushed/turned into position.

  • Is what the red isolation robot does at the end of autonomous in this link legal?

Yes, the ruling would be different. By lifting the robot in the air and holding it, you’ve placed the robot into a position that it could achieve without human contact. Thus the human is aiding the scoring process. In the situation shown in the video, the human driver has simply reoriented the robot and placed in a position where it can Score, thus the action is legal.

thanks for the confirmation!

You’re welcome!