Answered: Protction Zones

  1. If a blue robot is outside of the red alliance’s protected tile, then the red robot uses an extension to touch the blue robot, is the blue robot at fault or is this a strategy to induce a penalty?
  1. If the blue robot was a wallbot, what would be the ruling?

  2. If the red robot was in the process of scoring, would this ruling change?

  3. If the blue robot was also in the process of scoring?

I apologize for the hypothetical questions, but I am interested in what the answers would be because the penalty is a DQ.

This would be a violation of <SG10> by the red Robot, as this is a strategy causing an opponent to violate a rule.

Same ruling as above.

No, same ruling as above.

No, same ruling as above.

Please remember that the <SG10> only calls for a DQ in extreme or repeated situations. Most likely it would just be a warning.

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

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