Answered: protection case for gyro.

I was just wondering if it is legal to make a case that solely surrounds and protects the vex yaw rate gyroscope sensor. I also was wondering if i could 3D print this piece. I am not sure if this rule helps:

<R7> Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components:

d. Teams may add non-functional decorations **provided that these do not affect the robot performance in any significant way **or affect the outcome of the match.

I am new so please tell me if this is in the wrong place. :smiley:

It seems like you’re looking for an official ruling from the VEX Robotics Competition GDC. This can only come from questions submitted to the Official VRC Toss Up Q&A. I’ve moved your thread into the appropriate place!

Sorry if there is any delay in your answer.
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Thank you!

This type of enclosure would be considered functional, thus not allowable by <R7d>. If you wish to make a covering, it would have to be fabricated solely out of VEX legal components. Thus 3D printing would not be allowed.