Answered: Provincial Qualifying Spots for Worlds

I am kind of confused about how the qualifying system work.
In Ontario, we have 2-6 spots for skills. “The remaining 2 to 6 spots (depending on whether or not any teams earn more than one of the previously mentioned qualifying spots.) will go to the highest ranked teams in the province in the season long Programming Skills and Robot Skills Challenge rankings.”
I have few questions about this

  1. If one team already qualified(Won Tournament champion), but it is also the robot skill, programming skill champion, will it takes up only 1 spot or 3 spots(Tounament champion, top robot skill, top programming skill)
    2.If one team is in TOP30 in world ranking, and it is also the top programming skill winner, will it takes up one qualifying spot in the province too?(Will it double qualify?)
  2. Whats the order when choosing teams, is that first programming skill-first robot skill-second programming skill-second robot skill or something else?

This team will earn three qualification spots for VEX Worlds. Of course, they are only able to use one spot, as such the other two spots would be passed down to the Ontario Skills Challenge Rankings.

No, qualifications via the top 30 in the world rankings do not affect qualifications from the Provincial Championship. If a team qualifies via Provincials and the Top 30, their spot from Provincials would not be passed down.

Programming Skills then Robot Skills.