Answered: Pulling or lifting robots to determine zone to score a suported scoring object

I was in a tournament where the judges lifted a robot supporting some objects in an effort to determine where the object should be scored. They would score the object in the zone that the object will fall after lifting the supporting robot. I believe that this is an incorrect interpretation of the “Supported” definition and “Scored” point 2 definition.

My interpretation is that judges should gently pull away the supporting object, in this case the robot, to only check if the object or objects are being supported. If the objects are being supported, regardless if the judge checks it by gently pulling the supporting object, the “Scored” definition 2 would apply. Judges should not lift or pull away a supporting object to see the zone the supported object would fall to determine the zone where the object should be scored.

Is my interpretation correct? Please clarify.


Your interpretation is correct.