Answered: Pulsing motor outputs.

Two specific motor ports on the microcontroller (Cortex) always give out pulsing inputs. These are ports 6 and 8, which were tested with brand new never-used motors as well as older ones, and in the programming window the output is shown as changing between 0 and 127 (or -127) several times a second. They are both being used as part of the same lifting mechanism. I have been assured by our programmers it isn’t a code problem, does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

I would download Master Code and then Default Code. Does the same thing happen when you have Default Code loaded?

Yesterday our programmers found out there was new firmware (which they said includes the default code), and updated the microcontroller and handheld controllers with it. Unfortunately, it still pulses. Do you have any other suggestions?

**To make sure you have the right files loaded to get back to “Square One”, the Master Code is a .bin file and the Default Code is a .hex file. This is done as 2 separate downloads, the Default Code is not part of another file. Please refer to “Square One” if needed.

After you verified you have the Master Code and then Default Code loaded and you still have the same issue, you need to call our Tech Support for a RMA Number to return the product so we can repair or replace as necessary. **

Unfortunately our team won’t be meeting for at least another week, but when we do, I’ll be sure to tell our programmer this. Thanks.