Answered: Pushing Balls Under Corner Pipe

While facilitating a VEX training workshop this week with teachers, the question was posed as to whether or not a ball could be pushed under the PVC pipe into the low goal. The field specifications document shows the distance from the bottom of the pipe to the floor at 3.81". The 4" balls slid under the pipe very easily on the field we set up for training. I’m confident that pushing them under the pipe would not cause damage to the balls.

I’ve read through the updated game manual and all of the threads in this Q&A and did not see a reference to that topic in either place. Typically, I would assume that since it is not mentioned anywhere in the manual that it would be allowed. I second guess that assumption, however, because of the rule that was in place during “Toss Up” prohibiting the large balls from being pushed under the divider.

An official answer would help clarify for the teachers in our workshop this week.

Thanks, in advance!


Provided that no other rules are violated in the process, this would be legal. However while attempting this strategy teams should be very mindful of both <S1>, <S1a>, and <SG9>. Both are quoted below for your convenience.