Answered: Pushing Big Balls Into Opposing Starting Tile

Hi Karthik,

I wanted to clarify whether it would be legal to push large balls from the hanging zone into the opposing alliance starting tile, provided the robot itself does not enter the “airspace” above the tile? Would it make a difference if this was intentional or an out of control robot?

My interpretation was that this would be legal, but I wanted to double check that the ball would not be considered an extension of the robot.

Lets say that the above situation happened, and a team has pushed big balls into your tile or robot. If the balls are wedged against your robot, would you be allowed to move your robot, even if the large balls may be pushed a little bit away from the robot in the process? The repositioning would be compliant of all other rules.


Yes, this is legal.

The above ruling was in contradiction with a ruling from earlier in the season. It has now been redacted. Please see the following thread for the correct and official answer to this question.

Thanks Karthik for the clarification!

So pretty much, if a Big Ball gets pushed into your robot in its tile or into its way, the you’d be out of luck?

This is correct.

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!

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