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Can you please explain what seems to be two conflicting answers to the same scenario that was presented?


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I have two example situations concerning this question:

Situation 1: A robot takes the path shown by the black line in the following image:

The robot has a preload, and picks up the two buckyballs under the hanging bar, now possessing three objects. It’s path is then to drive towards the 24 inch goal on the opposite side of the field. This chosen path takes it through the buckyballs on the bump, and will almost certainly result in them accidentally being hit into the middle zone. Is this manoeuvre legal, or are teams expected to choose a path for their robot that don’t go through buckyballs? Is there a difference in the ruling made if the action happens in driver control or in autonomous?

“This would most likely be legal, as the BuckyBall would tend to be knocked away from the robot, as opposed to moving with the robot continuously as it drove.”
-Karthik Kanagasabapathy
Innovation First International Canada Inc.
Chairman of the VEX Robotics Competition Game Design Committee



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A blue robot in the hanging zone picks up 2 more bucky balls so it holds 3. Next, it drives through the blue bucky balls on the bump, so it can get through. By doing so the balls fall into a scoring position. After the robot continues to move until it reaches its final destination, the goal zone. The blue robot’s intention was to get to the goal zone in the most efficient way.

Would this autonomous routine be considered illegal? If this situation is illegal, what if the robot at the end of its routine is to score 3 bucky balls in the goal zone?

Lastly, I attached 2 pictures displaying how the robot could possibly end up in the goal zone. Are these routines legal?

“These routines are not legal. You are intentionally Herding BuckyBalls, which therefore count towards your limit of possessed BuckyBalls.”
-Karthik Kanagasabapathy
Innovation First International Canada Inc.
Chairman of the VEX Robotics Competition Game Design Committee](
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These routines would be legal during the Driver Controlled Period, but illegal during the Autonomous Period. The previous response will be clarified. Thanks for pointing this out.