Answered: Qualification question

The people that manage the regional competitions (PRIOR) in Puerto Rico say that we must first qualify in a regional event to then attend their Latin American competition, and only then can we go to the VRC World Championship. However, I never saw this being legal in the rules. This is a disadvantage to the teams that were able to win regional events and teams with low budgets. This also brings to question the skills challenges, if one gets to the top 30 worldwide, what’s the use in having to go again to the Latin American competition? Last year, only the points for the Latin American skills challenges were displayed. The question is, is this competition legit?

Here is what I read in regards to the qualifying rules:

You will have to speak to the local organizing group to determine the status of this event. If this fails, please content the RECF representative for your area. This helpful map will allow you to determine who to contact.