Answered: Query regarding the Definition of Scored

We were testing our autonomous program today, and a cube fell onto a post in such a way that it was balancing on its corner on top of the post (see attached image). Would a cube cube in this kind of position be considered scored?

I could see this going either way, since the post does not physically break the plane of the edge of the cube. However, the cube breaks the plane of the top of the post, so if the plane of the post counts as part of the post, then the cube would meet the definition of scored. We are curious to know in case this somehow happens again.
interesting cube.jpg

That is a very interesting Cube placement. Yes, this would count as Scored.

Cool. Thanks Karthik!

The cool part was getting the Cube to balance like that!

You’re welcome.

Another question:
A few of us were discussing this and we found that a cube balanced in this fashion could sit on top of a skyrise full of cubes, as shown in the attached pictures. The corner of this cube protrudes through the plane of the top of the skyrise, so under the first ruling in this thread, we think the top cube would count as scored on the skyrise. Are we correct?

We are interested to know as this could redefine the maximum possible score in this game.
9th cube closeup.jpg
9th cube.jpg

Yes, you are correct. This would count as Scored.

Intriguing. Thanks again, Karthik!

You’re welcome!

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