Answered: Question about G4

G4 states <G4> Each Team shall include up to three Drive Team Members. No Drive Team Member may fulfill this role for more than one Team at any given event.

With this in mind, is it allowed for a person to be on the drive team for two different teams at two different events, even if the two different events are on the same day? For example, this event is only about 45 minutes away from this event and an organization may have multiple teams where they all help each other and people switch from tournament to tournament which drive team they are on. They may want their best skills driver to drive in the skills only tournament to get a high score and have her drive in the skills for another team in their group in the regular tournament for a different team to get a good score. Does it make any difference if she is in middle school and one of the teams is in the high school division?

There are no rules prohibiting this.

No. Per the definitions of Team and Student, a Middle School Team must be comprised solely of Middle School Students. A High School Team may have both Middle School and High School Students.