Answered: Question about robots in VEX RCR videos.

I just watched some videos on youtube of the new VEX RCR that say they were posted by Innovation First, Inc. They showed a Ping Pong Shooter and a Walker that looked really cool!

I didn’t know if you can answer this question yet or not, but I was wondering if the Ping Pong Shooter and Walker were actual robots that you will be able to build from the parts in the kit - i.e. instructions and all the parts - or are they just examples of the possibilities using extra parts and your own imagination?

I really hope that you can answer this question for all of us because I’m sure that everyone else who has seen these videos would like to know too. The Walker was really cool and being able to build it with the kit or with an add-on kit would make the VEX RCR one of the best VEX kits ever!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping your answer will be yes.

It is too early to release any details of this type.