Answered: Question About Said Field Element

In response to this thread, I have a similar question to ask. In the pictures of the thread, it has a robot which puts metal around the two red mobile goals to prevent the separation of the mobile goals and its’ robot. Would it be legal to put metal on the perimeter like this image(uploaded) in order to prevent the separation of the robot and the field perimeter? (Note: The perimeter is made of wood, but it’s just for example). If this isn’t legal, what would you consider the distance should be for it to be considered legal as for the image of the link?

First, to be clear - the answer given in the linked Q&A thread is referring to the blue robot with the large mechanism encompassing both red Mobile Goals, not the red robot with a similar mechanism as you have shown here.

Rule SG6 reads as follows, with a portion bolded for emphasis:

The mechanism depicted here is clearly serving the sole purpose of anchoring a robot to the field, and is thus prohibited by the verbiage of <SG6>.

It is impossible to issue a blanket ruling or expect referees to measure a mechanism’s distance from a Field Element. The key thing that referees should watch for is not a mechanism’s distance from a Field Element, but whether or not the interaction is serving the purpose of latching onto or anchoring the Robot to said Field Element. Please see this Q&A post for some additional detail.